Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yeah, but the medals are ugly...

So, here's the thing.

REAL Olympians may be amateurs, but they're getting paid to participate in their sport.
Sadly, neither Lion Brand, nor Knit Picks, nor Brown Sheep decided to back me. Not even Tahki (jerks) called to sign me even though their yarn cut my fingers.

So I failed. I failed so bad it's not even worth laughing at. I completed a panel and a third.

In 16 days.

That's got to be an all-time low.

However, in my defense, there were at least six nights when I couldn't knit at all. I was never able to knit all day--not even during the two weekends. I was working 13 hour workdays for most of the Olympics...yeah yeah yeah...that and $3.50 will get you a coffee...maybe even at Starbucks if you only get a Tall.

Regardless, I learned a few things:
1) My eyes are still bigger than my mean faster than my hands. Wait, I mean...
2) My son's need for new mittens trumps my need to knit the damn afghan.
3) Just because a yarn looks gorgeous, doesn't mean it will feel gorgeous.
4) Knitting 16 hours a day when you have little kids is impossible...unless it's your job and you have help.
5) My husband is the most wonderful man in the world.
6) Blogs are more fun when people comment.
7) A medal isn't enough of a bribe for me...a nice single malt scotch and a dinner out with my husband (even without knitting) is.
8) My kids get the knitting thing.
9) I'm considered a vaguely unstable person at work because of this...okay, probably for more than just this.
10) I have to come up with a better UFO organizational method. Leave comments with ideas if you have some.
11) I'm still glad I did it. The first panel is gorgeous. The rest will come...Summer 2008! Whoo hooo!

And, of course, It doesn't really matter, because the medals are bloody ugly!

BUT! As pointed out in the comments...they do look like whorls, so they can't be all bad.
And thanks for the UFO link! Very helpful!


CateK said...

I must comment:
1. I did not participate in the Olympics but was very much inspired by all that did and did manage to get more focused on UFOs in my basket.
2. The medals are ugly. They look like old CDs.
Be happy,


Nannette said...

Hey, those medals look like spindle whorls! Can't be all *that* bad. =P~

Check out this for UFO / project organizing:

Dympna said...

I like the medals. I guess because I will never get one.
Years ago I printed otu the wacky dot system. This past week my daughter was orginizing my space beside the sofa, found it and asked if I've read it yet. LOL
I was knitting the Pumpkin Sweater from Mary Maxim.
I knit one sleeve, the band on a second sleeve, then about 12 rows on the back of my sweater. I hope to finish it by Halloween. I really wanted to finish it in 16 days.
I am glad I joined the Olympics. I am glad I decided to knit the Pumpkin sweater even if I had no chance of finishing it is 16 days.
I have no pictures. I dont' want to depress myself that much. LOL

moiraeknits said...

I feel your pain too. I wiped out early, and never did get back on the ball. We can drown our sorrows at the bar closest to the Olympic Village. ;D