Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Agony of Defeat

Well, if anyone wants to make us a button that's a subtle riff on the Yarn Harlot's gold medal (her statuesque knitter being hung by her own skein, perhaps) please be my guest--and let me know.

However, I thought I'd start a rolling blog entry and let those of us who bit the big tamale at least have a forum where we can post what we managed to finish.

In that effort, I'm posting this, my second panel. Such as it is.

I am joined in the Loosers Pub O'Despair (and wouldn't you rather be hanging with us than in the winner's circle?) by Ms. L. Ward who said of her pic:
Here's a picture of my hat at the closing ceremonies. Not too shabby looking but the needles don't feel real good when you're wearing it.


Mz. Mar weighed in with this:
I'm joining you! After 4 false starts the Jaywalkers bit the dust! They were
too big at the cuff ..had trouble with the toes~
I was a Olympic drop-out!!
Mz Mar Sew What?

And Elizabeth in Norway said:
Soooooo close! I call these my "Team Wales Olympic Socks", designed by me and using a heel I had never used before.

What I learned:
It is extremely uncomfortable to knit with half the skin gone from the tip of your left thumb (allergies acting up - but in reaction to what? Please, not my knitting!)

It is a waste of time trying to knit an unfamiliar heel when you are on a bus and the pattern is at home. The whole heel had to go straight to the frogpond when I got home!

Don't suggest a meeting "Friday or Monday" when you really need the knitting time on Friday - Murphy's law will make sure the meeting gets scheduled on Friday.

If you are knitting a 36-stitch heel following a short row pattern on 26 heel stitches that has an 8-stitch point, this is roughly 1/3 of the stitches. Roughly 1/3 of the heel stitches is a very good place to stop decreasing and start increasing again. 8 stitches is NOT roughly 1/3 of 36 stitches, and will be too pointy.

I will also have a few comments on "festive knitting" on my blog in a few days. It was perfect for the dragons, but there are pitfalls to avoid.

Elizabeth in Norway
Elizabeth in Norway

Anyone else suffer the agony of defeat? Send your pic and sob story/description to Gillian (at) AOL (dot) com!

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Spiff said...


I found your blog as a result of an impassioned plea on a knitting forum for the pattern for the world map afghan. You see, I found out about it only recently when I got a back issue of VK in a swap. I tried writing them for the pattern as it said to do, and I don't know if they've just stopped giving it out or what, but it's been several tries and many months and I've only gotten the "it will be 2-3 weeks before you hear back from us" automatic return email from them.
Are you done with the pattern for this project? If so, would you be willing to trade or sell it to me? I make stitch makers and sell them online and in stores in the Phoenix area, and I also have an epic stash, so I'd probably be able to find some yarn that would interest you. If you are willing to part with the pattern, please email me at annilita at gmail dot com, and we can work something out!