Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where's a Medici When You Need One?

O woe is me that the days of the Medici are gone? What I wouldn't give for a benefactor! I could have knocked this puppy out so fast had I just been...kept.


This is what I did yesterday and today on the train.

Getting a few more rows done tonight, but blast it all, if work doesn't keep rearing it's ugly head.


However, I thought those of you who are actually reading my blog (but not commenting?) might like to see the closeup of the lower tip of South America.

Notice the lovely heathering (get it? Heather!) and the stunning colors.

Now that my fingers are numb, I'm finding the yarn much easier to deal with. Still not my favorite to knit with (aaaaallllllppppaaaaaaccccccaaaaaaa) but not a bad result.

Also notice my speed-enhancing devices! I've added stitch markers (the nasty kind that stab my fingers and thumbs) every ten stitches to match the bold lines on the color pattern. Actually very helpful for me to knit while...trying to work. I can FEEL when I need to change colors. Let's me do the ocean much more quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying watching your progress. I can see SK, Canada and almost pick out my house.

Dianna from SK