Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feedback from a pro!

I got a free bag pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. The good ladies there asked for pics of said bags to be sent to them. So I obliged:

In my note I mentioned that I loved the pattern so much I was going to make all of my Xmas gifts RIGHT NOW with this pattern (...well...after the Olympics...).

And then I got this back from Kay:
I am really into the charcoals and grays--yours is fab. The ones in the
picture [on the web site] are tweaked versions of the pattern, as you can probably see. I had requests for bigger ones, less round ones, etc. If you are making a bunch of them it is fun to change them a little for entertainment purposes!

Thanks so much for the pic, Heather, I'll add it to the Parade of
Buttonholes I keep planning to do. xoxo Kay

She wrote me!
That's like getting the Knit Olympics note back from Stephanie!
Happy Thursday everyone!

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