Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic Update--End of Day 2

Well, I managed about a foot since we started. That's not good.
But it's sure pretty.

I also used my entire ball of blue. (Note the ruler, and you can see how far a ball of blue Tahki Donnegal Tweed will go with size 3.75mm needles.) This was not a surprise, but going into the basement, to find the box with the rest of the yarn...only to find no balls of blue...THAT was a surprise.

Turns out, I hadn't wound balls out of all of the skeins. So the many many blue skeins are now sitting in a Eucalen bath. Hoping that since there's so damn much ocean (harumph! Ecosystems! The nerve!) maybe having the blue be soft will help my hands.

I'm also finding that weaing glassess is helping with the wool-in-the-eye problem.
I guess it's reading glasses on the train tomorrow while listening to Brenda Dayne's CAST-ON!

Tonight I said "ta" to the Olympics and watched Out of Africa instead--trying to brace myself for knitting it. Also felt a little bad not knowing which provinces in Canada I was knitting. Sigh...don't tell my Dad the Geographer. Note the lovely detail of the lakes though. Nice, eh?

And the lower edge of Alaska...

I also made a decision to block as I go. I'm weaving in the ends as I go (knitting them in when I can, weaving when I can't) so that when I'm done I'll be DONE. I just can't abide the "yay, you're it's another hour of 'finishing' before you're REALLY finished." I'm not that patient. That's why I knit, I think. I just can't sit there not accomplishing something.

In other news, a big ol' shout out to my Mom who recently got her PhD and just got offered a new job with a nice hefty raise. Way to go! YAY MOM! And to my sister who is in the Dominican Republic wearing masks and being beaten with bladders for Carnival.
Um...way to go Syd...?
You can read her blog too.

And some of you have (rightly) asked what I'm going to do during the week when I need know...WORK during the Knit Olympics.
Well, it's an excellent question. Life happened in this order.
1) I offered to help out at work by covering for a project manager, thus moving from writer to paper pusher/content editor
2) I learned about the Knit Olympics.
3) I joined the Knit Olympics.
4) I realized I was an idiot for joining the Knit Olympics
5) I realized I could edit and knit at the same time...couldn't write and knit, but edit and knit I could do.
I trained for the even by knitting socks while editing...found myself more focused on the work than ever before (is it my secret ADHD nature coming out? Have I discovered a cure for ADHD? Are we, as Brenda Dayne says, saving the world one sweater at a time?)

Regardless, tomorrow is a full work day. We'll just have to see what I am able to achieve.

Personal best, baby. Personal best...

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Sydney said...

You have discovered my secret. Just as you can now only edit while knitting, I can only write while watching TV. Strange but true!! My book was completed under the influence of reality TV, and my dissertation will go along to the tune of Ghost Whisperer and Medium.

Let me know when you get to my Caribbean island home.
And good luck with Asia. It's BIG.
Love, your sister