Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Loathesome Train Rides and Cherry Tree Hill Yarn

Standing the whole way to and from home on the train really REALLY stinks. So, no knitting today. Tomorrow, though, I go see Cousin Dan in the Moot Court trials and I plan to knit while I listen to his brilliance.

And, for my sock knit group--here's what the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn knits up like. These are on my cheap-o sock blockers. The variegated yarn is the CTH and the purple is...someone elses yarn. They were the same size/weight/wraps so I combined.
The snowflake pattern (in purple on the cuff) came from the Knit-a-Day Calendar for 2005.
Here's the pics:

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Patti said...

Love the socks! The snowflakes are lovely.