Saturday, April 22, 2006

I have a PODCAST!


CraftLit: A Podcast for Crafters Who Love Books

I'm having a little bit of trouble getting the feed thing down (it's not as easy as it's cracked up to be), but all should be settled soon.

And I just got a blog buzz from Amy! Check out May 4th!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Better Day!

I Got Things Done today...and I'm so thrilled, because
By God I Needed To Get Things Done.

I got the groceries.
I got the new fencing (although our neighbor "accidentally" knocked half of the already existing fence into our kid's playset...nice!).
I got flagstones.
I got dirt.
I got mulch.

I got a haircut (jury's still out on that one).

I got work done (well..."done" as it really never ends).

I finished "Melpomene" for Brenda Dayne and she liked it! She really really liked it!

Which thrills me no end as I'm a huge fan and (like all of us) feel as though I've known her for years.

I finished the SOAR scholarship.

I finished the knitting book proposal.

I took DS#1 to the doctor (only how many to go?) and he was a champ. I have to explain something about my lovely little boy. He's a goofball, but he's also got a memory that is scary. When I was preganant with #2 he decided he wanted to learn Anatomy--really. HE decided. He asked very VERY specific questions:
How does it eat?
How does it sleep?
How does it hear?
How can it breathe inside you?
When it comes out, will the light frighten it?
Do I need to be quiet near your tummy?

He was three.

So that gives you some background. Now he needed a battery of strep tests, so we had to do oral, rectal and blood. Fun, right? Especially if you're a 5-3/4-year-old.

He is TERRIFIED of oral strep tests. He had one bad one, and that did it.

He flipped out over that, but the doctor was great and thus, he's not afraid any more.

However, what the doc and nurse were worried about was the blood.

I knew better.

He asked very specific questions. The doctor answered them all. And HE WATCHED.

HE WATCHED and was very scientific about the whole thing.
What's that you're wrapping around my arm?
Is that a vein?
How does the blood go down the tube?
Why doens't it hurt once it's in?
Will it hurt coming out?
Can I take some of that home with me?

I love this little boy.

And so, today.
Good day.

Thngs Got Done, and now I can knit.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Forgive the Lapse

I just returned from LOVELY Mystic, CT and am already having panic attacks.

My "work" to do list looks like this:
1) Work gig #1 (finish a year of High School ELA Curriculum)
2) Work gig #2 (finish and fix a year of Middle School ELA Curriculum)
3) Finish and send out knitting book proposal
4) Finish and send out science book proposal

My "life" to do list looks like this:
1) Take care of kids/house/etc
2) Figure out what's wrong with DS#1
3) Figure out what's wrong with me (hands, pt, etc.)
4) Start garden/get flagstones
5) Help DS#1 get/set up terrarium
6) Get haircut!
7) Occasionally play piano/knit/write for me
8) Finish socks
9) Finish Rogue Hoodie (Ye gods it's neat looking!)

There's more, but my head is spinning.

I doubt there's a chance I'm going to get ANYthing done...ever, it seems, but don't let my blackend mood affect you. Instead, imagine with me how nice it will be later this month when I go to Claudia's retreat at the WinterClove Inn in the Catskills for her Spring Spinning Retreat (a variation on the retreat mentioned on the Fibercast) and then the next weekend when I take DS#1 to the Maryland Sheep and Wool to see Sheila and pick up my very own Charkha!

But let's get back to brass tacks.

What was that?

A knitting book?

Yes--and I need your help. If you knit it a unique way--or if you have someone in your life who does--contact me, please.

And by unique, I don't mean that you listen to underwater fluglehorn while knitting. I mean are you a belt knitter? An armpit knitter? Is there something you do OTHER than the straight-up Continental/British form? If so, I need you...and can I take your picture?