Sunday, April 16, 2006

Forgive the Lapse

I just returned from LOVELY Mystic, CT and am already having panic attacks.

My "work" to do list looks like this:
1) Work gig #1 (finish a year of High School ELA Curriculum)
2) Work gig #2 (finish and fix a year of Middle School ELA Curriculum)
3) Finish and send out knitting book proposal
4) Finish and send out science book proposal

My "life" to do list looks like this:
1) Take care of kids/house/etc
2) Figure out what's wrong with DS#1
3) Figure out what's wrong with me (hands, pt, etc.)
4) Start garden/get flagstones
5) Help DS#1 get/set up terrarium
6) Get haircut!
7) Occasionally play piano/knit/write for me
8) Finish socks
9) Finish Rogue Hoodie (Ye gods it's neat looking!)

There's more, but my head is spinning.

I doubt there's a chance I'm going to get ANYthing done...ever, it seems, but don't let my blackend mood affect you. Instead, imagine with me how nice it will be later this month when I go to Claudia's retreat at the WinterClove Inn in the Catskills for her Spring Spinning Retreat (a variation on the retreat mentioned on the Fibercast) and then the next weekend when I take DS#1 to the Maryland Sheep and Wool to see Sheila and pick up my very own Charkha!

But let's get back to brass tacks.

What was that?

A knitting book?

Yes--and I need your help. If you knit it a unique way--or if you have someone in your life who does--contact me, please.

And by unique, I don't mean that you listen to underwater fluglehorn while knitting. I mean are you a belt knitter? An armpit knitter? Is there something you do OTHER than the straight-up Continental/British form? If so, I need you...and can I take your picture?


Tracey, in MI said...

combination knitter at your service--- though thats not really like ARMPIT weird......;)

letting go said...

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