Tuesday, March 31, 2009

O Mah Gaw

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Verizon, the Centro, the Mac and Me


On the advice of three (count 'em) three separate and far-flung Verizon tech guys, I bought a Centro last year. I was told it was the one phone/mail/PDA/Everthing-but-laundry gadget I could get that would play nice with my Mac and MacMail.

It did.

Sort of.

But it didn't speak "folder".

VersaMail LOOKED like it would speak folder. And I need that, b/c I have MacMail in the sky sort my mail for me (junk, family, writing work, volunteer work, podcast, etc) before I ever see it. Saves time. Saves trouble. Love it.


Versamail (the default email on the Centro) doens't speak folder.

I've been "working" on this for the last eight months.

I finally--on the advice of a MacGuy--called PalmOS.

"IMAP," sayeth the good folks of Palm, "IMAP is the only kind of mail program that supports folder-speak with MacMail."

I get off the phone. I look. I am, in fact, running IMAP in VersaMail.

And it doesn't work.

So I go back to the web.

Here's what I found:

THIS program. SnapperMail. This Snapper program that is not cheap (you need the highest version to get all the functions you'll need)--it's not cheap because IT WORKS!

I can now call, get mail, send mail, get texts, send texts...you name it. (And I can turn the alerts off too!)

And no one.
at Verizon, Centro, or PalmOS knew about this--or at least no one I spoke to.

So--people--if you're having trouble with your mail in your hand-held-everything, please do the free trial of this product.


And it works.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

happy boy

Heather via Centro

4th Ave St Fair

happy boys
Heather via Centro

Happy boys

Tucson 4th Ave Street Fair
Heather via Centro

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Because I'm insane, and probably because I'm teaching at the Sock Summit, I figure that--truth in advertising and all--I should probably know how to knit a sock inside a sock. It's a REALLY cool trick, but it's also pretty satisfying (there are even videos and pictures). If I do this (still an if) I'm doing it worsted the first time out.

I did that when I started socks proper and never regretted it...plus the husband got a nice pair of comfy socks in the bargain. Not bad. He also got a pair this Xmas in the Harry and Ron colorway from Opal.

I've been making demo heels like a fiend out of ball ends (pedicure socks, anyone?)...and neglecting the rest of...you know... life, work, etc. But not the boys. They've been GREAT lately...must be the weather.

On a different note, I finished "The Graveyard Book." Gaiman has done it again. He's really giving Will Smith a run for it on my list...decisions decisions.

The novel I'm writing is closing in on finished. If only I could invent more time...


Glory Be! I have work again. Actual, Paying work. I thank the gods on a fairly regular basis.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Especially when they do it for the rest of us.

Especially for free.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just so you know when you see the movie

From Wikipedia

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is a Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal, which literally translates to "Who will guard the guards themselves," and is variously translated in colloquial English as "Who watches the watchmen?", "Who watches the watchers?", "Who will guard the guards?", "Who shall watch the watchers?" or other similar translations.

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