Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Because I'm insane, and probably because I'm teaching at the Sock Summit, I figure that--truth in advertising and all--I should probably know how to knit a sock inside a sock. It's a REALLY cool trick, but it's also pretty satisfying (there are even videos and pictures). If I do this (still an if) I'm doing it worsted the first time out.

I did that when I started socks proper and never regretted it...plus the husband got a nice pair of comfy socks in the bargain. Not bad. He also got a pair this Xmas in the Harry and Ron colorway from Opal.

I've been making demo heels like a fiend out of ball ends (pedicure socks, anyone?)...and neglecting the rest of...you know... life, work, etc. But not the boys. They've been GREAT lately...must be the weather.

On a different note, I finished "The Graveyard Book." Gaiman has done it again. He's really giving Will Smith a run for it on my list...decisions decisions.

The novel I'm writing is closing in on finished. If only I could invent more time...


Glory Be! I have work again. Actual, Paying work. I thank the gods on a fairly regular basis.

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Jenn said...

I really want to try the sock inside a sock - worsted makes a lot of sense!
Congrats on the paying work!

cindi said...

Congrats on the job, and on nearing completion of the novel. That's a huge accomplishment. I've written several myself, in my head. :-)