Thursday, March 26, 2009

Verizon, the Centro, the Mac and Me


On the advice of three (count 'em) three separate and far-flung Verizon tech guys, I bought a Centro last year. I was told it was the one phone/mail/PDA/Everthing-but-laundry gadget I could get that would play nice with my Mac and MacMail.

It did.

Sort of.

But it didn't speak "folder".

VersaMail LOOKED like it would speak folder. And I need that, b/c I have MacMail in the sky sort my mail for me (junk, family, writing work, volunteer work, podcast, etc) before I ever see it. Saves time. Saves trouble. Love it.


Versamail (the default email on the Centro) doens't speak folder.

I've been "working" on this for the last eight months.

I finally--on the advice of a MacGuy--called PalmOS.

"IMAP," sayeth the good folks of Palm, "IMAP is the only kind of mail program that supports folder-speak with MacMail."

I get off the phone. I look. I am, in fact, running IMAP in VersaMail.

And it doesn't work.

So I go back to the web.

Here's what I found:

THIS program. SnapperMail. This Snapper program that is not cheap (you need the highest version to get all the functions you'll need)--it's not cheap because IT WORKS!

I can now call, get mail, send mail, get texts, send name it. (And I can turn the alerts off too!)

And no one.
at Verizon, Centro, or PalmOS knew about this--or at least no one I spoke to.

So--people--if you're having trouble with your mail in your hand-held-everything, please do the free trial of this product.


And it works.

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