Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In the interest of full disclosure...

So...I've got to fess up publicly. While I am in the Knit Olympics, and I fully ascribe to all the rules (cast on when the torch is lit, be done when it's doused) I can't fully comply.
It's not like I'm on knitting steroids. It's just that I started the Map of the World Afghan last year. I started it and I froze. I got just past South America on the first panel and that was it. I put it away. And that after it took my DH a month to hunt down the (gorgeous) yarn. I felt awful. But I couldn't face it. Too big. Too much. And work weighed too much on me at the time.
So, when I read the addenda to Stephanie's original post--about it being a personal best--then I thought, well then, GOOD! This is right! It's still a personal best (who else was nuts enough to sign on with a whole damn intarsia afghan?)! I shouldn't feel bad.
But I do.
So here's my agreement with myself. I am posting here, in front of God and Everyone, exactly how far I got last year; barely into Central America.
I am not going to pick those needles up again until the torch is lit.
Then it's hell bent for the Russian Border Baby! Of course...DH doesn't watch sports either, so I'm not entirely sure how much of the Olympics proper I'll be watching...but I'll still be knitting. I need to make a "team afghan" button.

But I won't be knitting without examining some important safety tips.

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