Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Shout Out From My Spindler Friend

This was a message on Spindlers:
Gentle Spindlers,

What an amazing group of spinners and knitters you all are.. I'm so impressed by what all of you are accomplishing as we knit (and spin) for the gold! For those of you with blogs, they are beautiful and inspiring records of what you're working on.

Heather -- don't give up. Love your "Team What the Hell Was I Thinking". I speak for myself when I say I'm a life-long member.

HJ: Your Shrugawl is lovely and its clever construction reminds me of Faroese shawls. It's very becoming, too.

Stephanie -- Congragulations on finishing your beautiful purple sweater.

Treesh -- Go Team Wales. Wishing you well with all your challenges this past week. Hope it all works out. We're all rooting for you.

Doll: Congratulations on your lace socks. Another talented handspinner competes for the gold!

Anne in MD -- Another spinning Olympics Knitter goes for the gold. Here's hoping the yarn holds out.

Aubrey: All your teams are cheering loudly as you face the challenge of socks. Go Team Wales, Go Team Lace and Go Team Socks.

Melanie: Your lovely socks are simply dazzling. How clever to knit flame socks for the closing ceremonies. Can't believe you're heading for 8 medals here (one for each sock!)

I'm stitches from finishing. It's been a long day...

Knit on, Spindlers,


Liza, that was very kind and much appreciated. I WAS close to giving up. Now I'm reenergized! You're a doll!

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