Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Forgot to post pics!

So I made the Fingerless Gloves Part Deux! This time with handspun and hand-dyed! Whoo hoo! Very exciting stuff here. Well, actually, the green was bought fleece, the multi I plyed with it is a Kool Aid test I did. I had JUST enough. Knit these simultaneously off a center-pull ball.

The other thing to post is that I'd been trying to figure out how to hang up my spindles. I have no mantle and no space for an Ikea rack. But I did have a little wall space under the mucho neato Hatian pic my sister gave me for Xmas. So here's what I did.

At ACMoore I got this little vase (?!) set...three tin half-vases on a wooden shelf backing.

Tres simple!
Tres cool!

The purple travel spindle bag is a Goodwill Sweater I felted. The yarn bleeds something awful, but it sure looks great!

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