Friday, October 12, 2007

Why I love my boys--all of them

Yes, DH is a great writer, but this would bring tears to your eyes even if it read like a VCR manual.

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Dawn said...



you have the bestest husband and kids in the world and i want to hug them all.

what a brave little biter.

and Skinky. oh Skinky!

we had a similar incident a few years back whilst guinea pig sitting over preschool break. never in a million did we think #1 could even get up on the big table or open the cage latch, much less reach far enough into the almost 24 inch deep cage to wrangle a pig out. i mean, I could hardly get at them, how could her 3 year old self? but she did...well almost, as evidenced by the bloody trail left behind after she caught one of it's toes in the wires and RIPPED IT'S TOENAIL OUT then stuffed it back in and closed everything up again. wish i could say i was as calm, cool and collected about the whole thing as your man was...there was a wee bit o yelling amidst the scramble to get the poor pig to our vet. one amputated toe and confiscated herd of my little ponies later and she still never really came clean...maybe if i would have amputated a little plastic hoof from each...