Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Costume Cry for Help!

Hey, have any of you made this Squid Hat (pdf pattern here). I cannot for the life of me figure out what she meant with the eye instructions--specifically row 18 and on. Is it a turn-ridge (a purl on the knit side row) that she's talking about? She's not answering email and I'm trying (pathetically) to finish this for my sister. I had to stop working on it for months b/c it ws killing my wrists, but now I'm changing my knitting style (Continental to British to Victorian) and I'm making due.

I'm also pondering the best way to make Thing 1 (my 7yo) a Headless Horseman costume.

It's always something, no?


Anonymous said...

Sadly I can't see the squid hat photos or pattern (I get an error on the pdf page and the photos just have an x) so I can't help you there.
My husband suggests a blazer or sport coat (large enough to fall at the correct length) for the headless horseman with oversized foam shoulder pads (a neck could be left sticking out a bit) worn as a hat and a panel removed from the jacket at the eye area and replaced with mesh fabric. This whole headless horseman costume idea is great.

Jen said...

this link is working to see the pattern:

after a quick glance, i think the first 18 rounds are a turned hem... with round 18 being the round where you knit the temporary cast on together with the current stitches to form the hem. i haven't done this type of hem yet, myself.

this tutorial for a picot hem might be what you need to help this make sense. it has good pics.

Jen said...

ok, trying again for the link to the picot hem instructions: