Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Abby's Blog

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee wasn't the only rock star at SOAR. Abby Franquemont was a scholarship recipient this year and is, as I understand it, fiber royalty (Daughter of Ed and Christine Franquemont).

Happily, I made it into one of her pictures (scroll down). Between her blog and Stephanie's and the podcast (oh! And Knitter's Review!) you'll get a pretty clear picture of what SOAR is like...and why we're so tired when we get home!

I also found the origin of Stephanie's T-shirt but not yet where you can get one. And, now. I'm off to get a (an?) "Haute men of CraftLit T-Shirt!"


Shannon H. said...

I know where you can get Stephanie's shirt! I'd been wanting one for years...

Dawn said...

OK, I just spent waaaaaaay too much time trotting about the soar posts and linkies. What crazy fiber fun!

And BTW, tag, taggie tag, on down to my blog and play 8 random things...once I get the post up that is.