Saturday, October 06, 2007

SOARing Soon

After a REALLY nice date night with the husband, I head off to a week of Spinning, Knitting, and Kibbitzing.

I'm looking forward to this.

I'm also recalling that last year, while it was a a nice change, it was exhausting! Like handcrafting a good way. I'm wondering if—now that I know what I'm getting into—it'll be different, or if I'll still be wiped out on the plane back.

I'm armed with my plane knitting, my work, my iPod (Cast-on's and Wait! Wait!'s that I've saved up), two great books (Jasper Fforde's last Jack Sprat and Calamity Physics)...I think, if I can successfully pack for weather twenty degrees below what I'm in here...I'll be fine.

Shockingly hard to imagine life in the 80 degree range right now.
Tra la la,
Off to the Airport!

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