Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What time is it???

If you look at the date stamp on this you'll wonder if I'm out of my mind, up again at 2:29am.

The simple answer is, "I have no idea."

I am normally a Very Good sleeper (ask my husband).
I rarely have insomnia. I need (NEED) eight hours.
And I am.

I even swore off Diet Coke today after lunch. I had a glass (or was that two) of wine tonight and well over the recommended eight glasses of water. Tonight, to relax, I knitted more on the Victorian Lace Sock (from Six_Sox) and achieved the start of the toe decreases. I'm actually quite happy about that since I'm not loving this sock and will put it away (Second Sock Syndrome rears its ugly head) until I have fewer things that I want to do.

I have the Mystery Stole (not such a mystery now), Hogwarts Sock Swap Two, and my sister's Squid Hat, and another pair of Horcrux socks for Jan, and...o the weaving, the spinning, the spinning/knitting Jessica's hoodie (and o dear Lord, I have to think of a design to put on kangaroo pocket!!!). And with all that to tempt me, you should be musing to yourself, "mmmm, I wonder why she's not watching reruns of 'Bewitched' and knitting on the MS3?" And you would be right to ask that. It's where I WANT to be.

But I'm in pain.
Real nasty pain.

It's been like this for three weeks, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what's up. My neck and shoulders are like unto rock. My lower back is doing some weird occasional nerve pinchy thingy, and because my neck and shoulders are going, they're tightening the whatever to my wrists.
And they hurt.


Trust me. I'm sitting here ergonomically. I've adjusted a number of times. There is no explanation. I'm not stressed (any more than normal). I've not been under the same writing schedule that I was under. I'm simply baffled.

Tomorrow, the hunt for an acupuncturist begins. If I can carry a tank of needles with me and put them in my own wrist when I need to knit (like now) that would be great! I wonder if they can do that...


frecklegirl jess said...

My prescription: massage! Stat!

Anonymous said...

Egads, that is not good at all. I hope the acupuncture works for you and massage is always nice.

Hope you feel better soon!
Alissa/ KnittingFairy

Anonymous said...

Massage, for sure. Then pick up "Healing Back pain: The Mind-Body Connection" by Dr. John Sarno. Great book.

Jenny said...

Have you tried a chiropractor yet? I know mine fixed me right up.

in Flowery Branch, GA