Saturday, August 25, 2007

Up Again...

This time it was me being stupid.

I watched Zodiac with Andrew. I am. Why? Because there is also a hellacious rainstorm going sounds like it just took out our rooftop satellite dish.
Ah...more fun for tomorrow.

We need the rain, no doubt, but I can hear the beating the house is taking. I'm tempted to go out on the backporch just to see how bad the flooding is in the wash...I just heard the gate smack itself open/shut again.

I wonder how long it will take the boys to wake up scared.

Ah well...if my eyes weren't so bleary I'd go knit...tra la la...


Lynn said...

Hope you got some sleep and that the boys didn't wake up. We've been having some hellacious boomers here in Milwaukee and my 3 year old is terrified of thunder. Not a ton of sleep going on here either.

God I loved the monsoon season when I lived in Vegas (Nevada not New Mexico, since you're in that part of the world you might appreciate the distinction!), but Tucson, when I'd visit my grandmother, would ROCK. There isn't lighting like that anywhere else in the world. :)

Jenny said...

Its finally raining here in Georgia. One month without rain. It was booming and pounding for a bit and now it is a nice heavy steady rain. I so want to go for a walk in the rain. But as there is still some lighting, I think I'll stay in.
Be careful, sleep tight.