Friday, August 03, 2007

Of Naps and Nighttime Knitting

I should get more sleep.

My husband will crack up when he sees this because, when he's home, I generally get eight hours (without which, you really don't want to be around me...really). When he's gone, though, I putter. I am able to putter my circuitous way around the house, putting up pictures, making things right, gradually going through drawers and filling boxes with Things To Go Elsewhere--not that they ever GET there...
If he were here it would only make him nervous. So. I save the putter for his trips.

But then, while puttering, I'll glance at a clock and see that it's nearly eleven p.m. and I've not knitted or woven or spun or...anything. And I get rather jittery and my hands start to twitch. And I stop whatever I'm doing pretty much mid-stream, and sit and knit. Or weave. Or something.

I've found that without question I sleep better after knitting etc. at night. I imagine it's something about the Alpha Waves or some such thing, but whatever it is, it works for me. Right now I'm in catch-up-sleep mode, Andrew having just returned, and I should take a nap. But instead, I'll probably finish warping the loom for the Huck Lace table runner.

So goeth the nap.

The runner had better be worth it!

OffTN: Syd's Horcrux Sox
OTN: Victorian Lace Sox, MS#3, Pomotomus (I'm so polygamous with my knitting...must be the influence of HBO's Big Love--Andrew will be glad it stops at knitting).

Oh, and speaking of Big Love, if you have HBO watch I Have Tourettes but Tourettes Doesn't Have Me.

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KnitSteph said...

I sit up at night too..doing stuff.

I like the house being quiet and its just me and my thoughts.

I got my loom all warped yesterday and wove it too! I posted on my blog about it. I think I'm addicted!