Thursday, August 23, 2007

Polygamous Knitting

I can't settle down onto one project. I'm working on my I Love Gansey socks (which are lovely) and I'm working on the Guyabara shirt for my DH. And I'm working on my Huck Lace table runner (on the loom) and I'm...oh yeah, teaching a course at the UofA...

Too much, I imagine. If only it ALL created an income!


More soon...

NOTE TO SARAH 09/27/07:
There's definitely a discrepancy b/t the Guyabara shirt picture and the pattern. The purl 2 edging on the front panel of the shoulders is missing, they have you pick up stitches in the wrong color for the diamond panel, they tell you to slip stitch the collar with the wrong color, and my gauge was off, too (yep, with the Louet linen!).

I got gauge horizontally and left it at that. For the rows, I was rather unconventional.
I knit the first panel to the schematic measurement--since my row gauge was off--and then I went ahead and crocheted the following panels together to be sure they matched. I guessed on the front panels.

They have you put EVERYTHING on stitch holders, so I figure I can even it all out before I do the bottom hem (which is also badly explained in the written instructions--they call it a facing).
I also think it would be okay to have the back a little longer than the front since there are slits at the side seams.

I'm going to post some pics and specific instructions here on what I'm finding out, but it won't be until this weekend or early next week.

I feel your pain!


Sarah C NYC said...

hi my name is sara, i'm from nyc and just googled "knit1 errata" to see if there was anything about the guayabera shirt and this is how i found you. just wandering if you are using the requested yarn and if so, did you have any trouble with the gauge? I cannot seem to get the gauge, i am now using size 9 needles and the knit seems way too lose, so I am not very happy about this. I even took it to a lys and they could not help me. Can you please shed some light? hubby is waiting patiently for this guayabera. Thanks!

Windyridge said...

I have difficulty sticking with one project too. It's pretty bad.