Friday, June 13, 2008

New Cloud

Back from NYC.
It was lousy weather.
I miss my friends.
NYC smells when it's hot and humid.
I don't miss that.
I miss the Black Cow.
I miss Vera.
It was good to see family.
I prefer to travel with children AND husband.
Our dog ran away.
Some lousy kid from the neighborhood left our gate open and the housesitter didn't check when she let Rosie out to do her business more Rosie.
I spent yesterday hanging signs and checking shelters.


So, we'd been talking about getting a dog buddie for Rosie (b/c clearly Rosie needs one) and found one today. I hope Rosie comes back so they can play together. Amber is the newbie. 9mos old and very very fun.

Off to sleep--the Lag has me in it's clutches.


mjm knitting said...

Fingers crossed Rosie comes back home soon.

Jasmin said...

The two dog situation is great. You'll be much happier, and so will Rosie. (Amber is cute as two buttons!)

As far as the gate, we have a lock on our gate. I let PG&E in and out, and nobody accidentally lets our dogs out.