Friday, June 13, 2008



Rosie Is Found!
She--once again--went back to her old 'hood. It took her A LOT longer this time, probably due to the 100°+ heat, but she's fine.
We pick her up in the morning.
So: 1 skink, 2 small fish tanks, 2 large-ish dogs, 2 small-ish boys.
Not the package we expected, but there you are!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

gorgeous dog! Is she a pal for Rosie?

kim said...

She looks quite happy. Congrats on the addition. Here's hoping Rosie shows back up.

Dawn said...

OMG and I'm crying because I'm so happy for you and your new 2 doggie-ness, but man now you have 2 and 2 dogs are great dynamics and now I only have one and I'm feeling the hole of the missing dog again and like OMG I need to get another because Emma is LONELY without him! And truth told I'm lonely too. Ach, you hit it so on with the mama/dog connection thing. They are big balls of empathy that wend their way into your heart and psyche. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy them. Hugs to all.

wolfhoundgirl said...

At least the combined weight of your pets don't outweigh you. If you put mine together and they weigh more than twice what I do. No, I am not making some rude comment about your weight. I imagine that even after my recent weight loss that you still weigh less than I do.