Monday, June 02, 2008

Because, Seriously....

I now know I'm not the only one to have knitted Kevlar!

And where have I been, you ask?

Retuning my routine. Adding a dog to said routine. Changing said routine to better match the needs of our family.

But what does that mean in English?


Blind effing panic.

I am SO NOT GOOD at changing routines. It's almost (almost I said) comical how lousy I am at this. Travel—that I can do. There's no expectation of routine, and generally one emerges regardless. But home...ah, well... here's what an ideal day a day that could be replicated would look like.

Up between 8am and 9am (my Sister cited this as the appropriate time for our body clocks and she's right).  Breakfast and read the paper.To be honest, even if I had the time, I wouldn't. But it's a nice idea, no?

Get to work doing something involving the computer and/or paper (writing, answering letters, etc)--immediately. Somehow if I don't start right away, all hell breaks loose and it never gets done--or it's relegated to rushing and that's no good for anyone.

Workout/have lunch/shower (not in that order--and let's be honest about the workout thing, shall we?).

Work (read: at the computer...).

Get kids (you'll notice they didn't show up until now--I'm not so good at getting back home after taking them to school in the morning. Things Happen, as we say.).

Lay around knitting.

Be served a home-cooked meal...or something... Okay, but I just finished typing how stalker-ish it was to have the serving guys on the boat know our names...maybe I wouldn't like that. Maybe if I could Get Something Done every day, I'd enjoy the cooking thing more? Who knows. Either way, start making dinner at the same time every night. Eat. 
I like that.

Sit around reading, watching movies, drinking Scotch, knitting, going out to a show...not by myself, mind you. Some Husbands thought they and the kids were left out of all of this. No no no. As long as the Scotch and knitting are included, all are welcome aboard!

Sleep around midnight.


You'll notice how completely, unbelievably, pathetically unrealistic this is. I know that. I acknowledge that. I'm just sayin...

I don't know that I'd like it any more, but it's a routine. After last week (which was all about emergent, not even urgent got through)  my constitution is screaming for a routine. If I don't start firing on the work thing pronto in the morning, I'm all fatootsed. But.
C'est la guerre, right? It ain't gonna happen.

And honestly, if it did...I'd probably be bored off my tuches.


Jasmin said...

You're not the only one who loves her routines. :)

I've built variety into my routines, but that's because I was stalked a few years back.

Good luck with the puppy! I'll see if I can dig up some of our puppy stuff that we're not using anymore. Mmmm, Kongs!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am SO with you. Sometimes I grab coffee and sit down to read email, then I look up and it's nearly 11. WTF?? Clearly one cannot start work at 11, so maybe I should play video games for the rest of the day and try again tomorrow.

Snorgle the new puppy for me! Just try to work the panic into the routine. I find that works well.

Anonymous said...
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Judith in AV said...

Routine, what's a routine. My 5YO DD's routine is play, play, play. My routine is avoid, avoid, figure out what to feed DH for dinner. I need more creative time. Although I have been known to be creative with hot dogs at dinner time...octopus hotdog anyone?

mrswade said...

Yes. And can we add in a drink boy that brings fruity drinks but doesn't speak?

Anonymous said...

Routine can be great - we can add some great diversions to housework such as lunch/coffee meetings with long lost friends, shopping for the perfect item we need. Our house is a bit upside down right now as we are waiting on the painter to get started, before we can recarpet and have curtains etc made.