Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's Thing Two's surgery about!?

I realized that not everyone knows why we did this.

Thing Two was born with Microtia, a not-very-rare birth defect that (usually) affects the right side of the face. Lucky for us, Thing Two was born with a middle and inner ear that seem to be working fine and no extra problems with jaw or face. The main problem was that his ear was small and he has no ear canal. We've done the surgery backwards, ear first, canal next (if he's a candidate) b/c getting accurate information is a bit tricky. We'd been told that the canal surgery was too risky at this age due to a nerve bundle in the jaw.

Our doctor, John Reinisch, as has been previously stated, is spectacular, and he works with a canal surgeon who does canal reconstructions on kids as young as 2-1/2. So. That's for later.

It sounds like ear reconstruction is just vanity surgery, but in our family, Thing Two runs a pretty high risk of needing glasses and he wouldn't have been able to wear them with the ear he was born with. That and UV sunglasses are really not optional for kids in AZ. They can get damaged eyes.


Here we are.

Wraps come off tomorrow.



Julie D. said...

Thanks for the update! Also, I don't know that I'd ever really call it "vanity surgery" all things considered. If the technique is developed then why not let the poor kid be "normal" and not have to go through the stares, questions, etc. that must necessarily accompany such a visible difference? Just my two cents worth ...

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