Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thing Two update

At 2:35am I heard this little voice say, "Mommy, can I sleep here?" So Thing Two climbed in bed with me. The glow from the LA sky illuminated his face and his poor eye, which is--as predicted--completely swollen shut. I'm sure I'll be posting a pic to that effect later today.

Cold compresses don't seem to be helping and the drains aren't draining so much today (ugh) but aside from being occasionally annoyed from his closed eye, he really seems to be doing quite well today. I gave him some regular Tylenol when he climbed in bed with me, but he's needed nothing so far today. He took his antibiotics without complaint as well.

Andrew and Thing One are on their way home and tomorrow Mom comes out to help me. Thing Two is looking forward to seeing Grammy. Today we have brunch with friends and then a Superbowl party at the Stone's house. If this morning is any indication, Thing Two will be having a rather nice day. Quiet and good. Bummer that the skies have opened. We didn't bring an umbrella...but seriously, if that's the only thing that goes wrong...

Knitting is progressing nicely. Thing Two likes his hats (two hats) and crown (from Knitting Daily, I think) which I knit while he was in surgery. He wears them on top of all the gauze. I'll get a pic of that too. Working on socks for Sam now as I left the pattern for Dad's socks at home.

C'est la guerre...

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