Sunday, February 10, 2008

Home again, Home again...

So we're back.


The boy burst into tears on the way home more times than I could remember while driving back because he just bloody well wanted to be home and snuggle with his brother. They really are a love fest. I have no idea what happened, but it's great. It was not the best drive I've ever had, but Mom was great and Mary Poppins calmed the boy through the last leg (half of me feels like a cheatin' mom for relying on the DVD player, and half really couldn't care less what the first half thinks).

I didn't bring a cable to move digi pics from camera to blog so here's the highlights of the trip via digicam. It ends with some close ups of the ear, which btw, he's looked at and he's VERY excited by. We've been clear that it isn't done "cooking" yet, and he gets that.

Thing Two at Universal Studios on 1/30/08, being made into a tiger (this girl was GREAT!). I also knew it was his last day with hair for awhile, so...sigh...

He pretty much walked up to anyone who would listen, growled at them, then told them that he was a tiger. (Duh)

Day of, 2/1/08.
La Brea with my Mom 2/5/08.
Venice fun with Jessica 2/6/08.
The water was remarkably uncold, and the kids were just spectacular (if soggy).

Sam and Jess sacked out

Snuggly kids drying off
Kidspace Museum, you can see them climbing up "water drops" waaaaaay up into the ceiling. An amzing little museum in Pasadena. 2/7/08
Riding tricyles at same museum.

Bored at lunch.

The unveiling with Dr. Reinisch and Tracey, the spectacular surgical assistant. 2/8/08

Thing Two and the chair. He LOVED operating this chair. 

The ear, 2/10/08. We weren't supposed to uncover it yet, but he'd pretty much mauled parts of the gauze and he'd completely jarred the stickum on the cup, so...we cleaned the gauze up, restuck the cup and I took the opportunity to take pics for posterity. The color continues to improve.

I know it looks completely frankenstein at this point (how apropos with CraftLit doing Shelley's book right now) but it's already a huge improvement over the first day of unveiling. It's really an extraordinary journey!

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