Monday, February 25, 2008

USS Bowfin museum

The thing I liked best about this--aside from watching my boys command a sub for nearly 40 minutes--was that the exhibit (which was shabby by today's hi tech standards) was actually salvaged and reconstructed by former crew mates specifically for this museum. I just thought that was spectacular. And, as per my 'hi tech' comment above...seriously, what more do boys need than a bunch of levers that move, switches that flick, and two wheels that turn? I mean, really. If it had gone BOOM occasionally they would have never left.

I loved it.



Jenna said...

Have you ever thought about doing an episode discussing the Little House books? I did a paper on the Long Winter in college and they were basically starving to death. Just a thought.


So glad your son is doing well - he is beautiful! From a mom of two boys to another.

knitting2relax said...

Thanks for all the Hawaii pictures. Glad to see you are all having fun.

Anonymous said...

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