Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Obligatory 9/11 Post

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Leadership kids who "ran" from the building—all helped to safety by the kindness of strangers.

And the southern view you didn't see on the news.
O, I just HAVE To respond to the coward who anonymously left the comment below that "911 was an inside job.There were no planes,as none of the kids mention the sound of a 767 at 800 feet on full power."
_I_ mention it, dolt. I'm the only one who was in the room who had anything to compare the sound to (WWII movie missile sounds--my kids didn't watch movies like that) the kids, quite frankly, were too busy thinking they were going to die to try to find a parallel.
If you weren't there then leave off with your idiotic comments or learn to listen. There is no one who could create a conspiracy big enough to convince all of NYC to lie. Really. We're a bunch of loud mouths and we call it like we see it. It's just not possible to shut us all up or stop us from saying what we saw.
Or better yet, instead of chickening out and leaving ghost flames on the blogs of innocent folk, go talk to the guys who were working construction in Jersey who watched the second plane plow into the South Tower, knowing damn well what was going to happen when they saw it bank over Staten Island. White as sheets, they were, and still shaking hours later.
But I'm sure they were planted for my benefit.
I'm sure the plane's engine on the building of my school (Yes, I saw it. Yes, I know what a plane's engine looks like) was a plant too.
Hell, I'll bet you think it was Mosad.
Oh, how I wish to be alone in a room with people like you and about seven of my students.
THAT would be a inside job.

Part Deux:
To my Anonymous poster—thank you for coming back. I actually respect that quite a bit. Usually Folks-Who-Flame don't bother.
I'm so, SO sorry because I've clearly left you with the misperception that I support the "genocidal Bush regime". This is not true. In fact, it was rather telling to watch the numbers from the 2000 and 2004 elections roll in. While the NYC has been voting Republican since Giuliani ran (and NYC is notoriously NOT a Republican town) NYC rabidly voted against Bush.
You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who was in or around 9/11 who trusts that man.
I'm well aware that what we've been exporting to other countries has not been...hm...our best and our brightest.
And as for serial numbers—not being a professional conspiracy theorist I just went my five senses and inductive—see plane #2 go into the building then see a plane engine on our roof. Maybe not more than circumstantial evidence for you, but since our elevators and stairwells were kinda small, and there were no cranes in the vicinity...yeah. I believe those were planes going in.
Do I think that absolves Bush?
Do I think he wanted to go into Iraq long before 9/11.
But I also think Mohammad Atta et al flew planes at civilian targets that morning, not Bush.
There's lots of room in the world for dumb people to make lousy choices.


Anonymous said...

Okay that made me cry.
With tear ducts clean , a heart full of gratefullness, I can go forward to family stuff.... maybe even get a pair of shorts sewn for myself for the fiber in .

Anonymous said...

I just emailed you, but I then read your 911 story. As a new listener I feel like an ignoramus - wow. I had no idea you went through that. And with the High Holy Days so near to that anniversary....God is good. I'm glad y'all are alive.


Anonymous said...

911 was an inside job.There were no planes,as none of the kids mention the sound of a 767 at 800 feet on full power.

Anonymous said...

It's the anonymous coward again.I'm sorry but you have added nothing of value except insults and lies.Maybe you and your fuhrer Bush should be left on a street in Baghdad or Kabul so the brutalised citizens there could get a bit of juctice.Innocent,huh?No one supporting the genocidal Bush regime is innocent.And do you have serial nos from the engine you saw?