Sunday, September 23, 2007


I don't have patterns, but I was pretty certain I'd be able to find some. These are my successes:

Do-It-Yourself Kippot

Basic Knit Kippah

Star-of-David Kippah, and version II

Stars-and-Stripes Kippah

Pretty basic crochet

A pattern from a page with such a horrific background that I (a) couldn't read the pattern until I copied it here, and (b) got a headache.


1 ball #10 size 10 crochet cotton. & size 7 hook.

Start with a little thread circle & crochet 8 sc into it: then pull the thread to close the circle tightly. Mark the first stitch, then work on continuous rounds. rnd1: 2sc in ea sc around. 16sc rnd2; sc in ea sc around rnd3: 2sc in ea sc around rnd4:sc in ea sc around rnd5:*sc in next 2sc, 2sc in next sc* around rnd6: sc in ea sc around rnd7:*sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc* around rnd8: sc in ea sc around Continue till it's the desired size. All even numbered rounds are simply "sc in ea sc around" Odd numbered rounds are increases. with ea round the number of stitches between ea increase grows by one. End by working sl st into next 2sc & then ending off.

How to keep scarves etc on your head

How to make head coverings look stylish

How to tie a Teichel

And then, just because it's so cool and I stumbled on it:
Clapotis hat!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kippah pattern links, Heather. Looks like I have more patterns to add to my Ravelry queue!

Dawn said...

hmmm, the yarmulka pattern...working a round "even" every other row may end up being too "pointy" for a may need to do every 3rd to get it right without increasing so fast it gets ripply. i have some #10 crochet thread here somewhere, will try it out if I can find it.

great project to have kiddos involved with! take some pictures, kay?

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