Friday, September 28, 2007

Brenda's Buttons

I'm not the only, nor am I the first, but I still feel compelled to post the buttons I've earned from Camp Cast-on.
So here.
I've been an asshole about my knitting.
I've tried to impress others with my mathematical skills (in knitting).

I've nearly killed muggles by talking about knitting.

I podcast about knitting (and other stuff) at Craftlit.

If at all possible, I drink while knitting.

MacGyver Level I--paper clips, binder clips, hair doodie bobbers as stitch markers.

MacGyver Level II--use of bamboo skewers and pencils as needles.

I am, in fact, working on a book RIGHT NOW
(or, actually, I'm avoiding working on it by blogging on this page).


Anonymous said...

I love the button for nearly killing muggles. I must put that one on my blog. I have bored the ears off nearly everyone I know with the details of my knitting.
Good luck with the book!

Windyridge said...

These are very amusing!