Friday, April 27, 2007

More on the Badgerlicious Sock

So you can't see Mister Badger (Señor Hufflepuff) yet, but you can see progress.

And beyond the progress (I'm going to do these on two circs, so I'm starting both on dpns, then I'll switch) I've finished the designs. I think I'm going to have to increase the guage on these though, as the stitches per inch are more than I thought. But aside from that, here are my plans.

k4, p2 rib across the instep.
When I turn the heel, I'll put the badger on the heel flap.

The leg I'll use the houndstooth pattern for, I think, keeping the k4, p2, putting the houndstooth pattern in the k4.

Then, I MIGHT break the houndstooth and put Hufflepuff on the cuff, starting at the back. It should fit...still not sure. Might be too busy...

Then I'll do more of the k4, p2 ribbing around the cuff. Maybe in black...I'm not sure. More to come on that one.

Right before working on the Badger sock, I finished a pair of the Horcrux Socks for The Six_Sox_Knit_A_Long. It uses a dutch heel, which I think was too narrow on this particular pattern. There are 60 stitches total, the heel used 30 and went down to 8 at the turn.

That's all well and good, but I found myself having a hard time "seeing" the heel structure before I actually did it...which makes planning a heel (as I'm doing with the Hufflepuff sock) a little harder.
So...for my own record-keeping and without further ado, I give you—a Dutch Heel turn.

Here's the start of the heel flap. Normally I don't knit top down. Normally I don't move stitches to waste yarn. Something in me said "do's a new'll be happier".

I was.

Inside the heel flap (I didn't do slip stitches).

And outside the heel flap.

Then we start the bitchen' heel turn. My sister was sitting next to me when I did this and I told her how even the Yarn Harlot gets all jazzed about how cool it is to turn a heel.

Here's pics of the beginning.

Again, for newbies, you just do knit and purl rows, adding a K2tog or a p2tog at the end of each row, connecting the middle of the heel (this one is 8 stitches across) with the edges of the heel flap, in effect, wrapping the heel flap around the unsuspecting heel. Enfolding it ina casing of yarn love.

Yeah,'s what it looks like, in two steps.



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