Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Praterposte is just another way to say FRIEND!

You know how we-who-live-on-the-internet have learned how to "hear" people when they write. Cheryl over at Praterposte  is one of those people for me...much like Dawn. She and her partner-in-craft Debbie have written a book I reviewed on the podcast and because I am a Craft-ho (and pretty liberal with the praise when I like something) we've been corresponding.

Aside from the gorgeousness of all art Cheryl and Debbie create, and the wonderfulness of their book, there's a little matter of a broken arm. Check out yesterday's post on Cheryl's blog to see what I will now forever think of in those "it could have been worse" moments...when I'm not thinking of dinner forks...

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