Friday, October 17, 2008

Painting Class

Here's the progression of work in my Pocket Sketching class--a three day course in how to train yourself to do 25 minutes or less sketches of one's surroundings. Not unhappy with the first day's progress at all.

Monochromatic Wash

using Pilot "Razor" pen and water.


orig atop. 5 min on rt, 15 min on left.

12 MInute Sketch

10 Minute Sketch

Rocks and Water

painted by credit card--V cool technique

First try at "editing"


This was hard. Of the three picture choices we had this seemed the easiest to me--and I think it was--but picking what to paint of the much larger pic was not easy...I'm still not sure I did it "right"...

Last 10 minutes of first day


It wasn't NEARLY as hard to edit this one...


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

you look like you have been enjoying yourself!
I've never used a credit card to paint with before (except to paint the town red of course!) but when I've done craft sessions with kids aged 5-7 I've encouraged them to use things other than brushes: their fingers, cardboard tubes, the edges of cardboard, bubblewrap, forktines, toy wheels, toy animals feet whatever they could find to use they would make something intereseting. Try it with your boys ( maybe not with the american express though!!)

Caroline said...

These are fantastic! I am so envious of people with drawing/painting ability. I am artistic, but can not even draw stick people.

Looks like you're having fun!

Cecile said...

Very nice work, Heather! I know how hard it is to do this. Though I do think some people have a knack that others don't. I'm taking a class now in Russian painting. I'll post my painting when it's done--maybe. But this is ging to take weeks, not minutes like yours. I think what you're doing is great. I wish I could learn that to.