Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 3: Whaddayamean this tub could sink?!

Saturday, May 10

First: Eat.
Second: Pass muster.

Dawn passes muster

Because the ship was already lurching and while—so far—I wasn't sea quote every George Lucas film, "I had a bad feeling about this..."

In our little check-in room we got our registration materials and our (surprise!) wonderful SeaSocks'08 bag. I had no idea we'd get that, and was overwhelmed. What a lot of work to put together.

Sadly, the stitch markers I raced to finish—shredding fingers on the way—were nowhere to be seen. I figured they'd show up sooner or later.

Dawn and I had an easy time sticking together (it helps that she's the coolest person on the planet) so meals in our ever-expanding Pod were really quite lovely and easy-going. That was one of the best parts—the amorphous nature of the groupings. The people I was able to meet were all extraordinary and little rays of light in an otherwise uniform boatscape.

Except for the art. Someone must have taken photos of the art—it was...unique and it rotated. My fave part of the tub.

Post-lunch I was hit by a wave of exhaustion and I think Brenda and Dawn smiled at the side of my head as I dozed off. I left Amy's (brilliant) class for the last forty minutes of swatch-time so I could catch a short nap before Brenda's talk. It worked and I perked up.

By this time we were in open ocean and the waves making themselves known to our ship. Captain Demitrius was fearless, but that didn't stop people from passing out—literally and seriously. Our first formal night was met with the injunction for "ladies to not wear heels to dinner"—an injunction I ignored...and a dinner I couldn't eat. Though it looked lovely.

The dinners, I have to tell you, are surreal on a ship. The waiters—all of them—have been given your name and picture, so you're greeted by name.


V odd.

Again, bummer I couldn't eat. Not that I felt sick. Just that I knew it would be dangerous to do so.

Post-dinner knitting was...curious. We were told to go to Michael's Club. But no one was there. They weren't expecting us. We echo-located our pod and had a little drink (Blini anyone?) and...Dawn and I passed out.

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