Sunday, March 11, 2007

Never too late for a resolution

So, here's my not-so-New Year's Resolution: I'm going to blog more.

Already in Arizona life is as hectic as it ever was in NY. I'm a homeschooling parent now (though luckily with my husband often working from home with me, we're able to share the burden), my kids are each struggling with their own issues, my parents are still overworked, my sister's off finishing the research for her PhD...and it's clear that's never going to end.

So fine.

I'll blog.

I'll carve out the time.

Like I'm in the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport at the Northwest Airlines World Club ($45 for a day-pass...not exactly worth it, but I've been able to get a lot of work done!) and it's a day away from normal responsibilities. It's a nice break.

Last night Mom came over and we barbequed chicken and hot dogs and ate fruit salad and grilled veggies and sat on the back porch and watched the kids play. It was 88° yesterday last I looked.

It's about 30° in Minnesota right now...but it'll be warmer (go figure) in Bismarck, ND. Go figure.

I get to go and introduce curriculum to the English teachers there! Who hoo! And that's not sarcastic; I really am rather excited to do this. It's been a very interesting project. I hope the teachers like it as much as I do.

And soon I get to get on another plane. Head out for the not-so-frozen not-quite-tundra.

More when I get there.

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