Tuesday, March 20, 2007

La Disneylandia

While my ambivalence to all things Feature Animation is legendary by now (at least to me) my love of Disneyland is hard to crush. I got to spend the weekend there with my sons and had the lovliest of times. We were there for two days in a row (a first for me) so we were able to take our time, relax, poke around...lovely. My DH was dear enough to let me go back solo at night to go on a fast ride.

I tried to get onto Space Mountain to see what they'd changed. It said there was a 75 minute wait, but all the waits had been much faster than posted that day so I didn't dispair.

Rennovations notwithstanding, Space Mountain lived up to my childhood recollection of it--after 15 minutes in line, it broke.

I left.

But not before proving that I was there:

So...no Space Mountain (I'm just not that devoted to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) so instead I walked on to the Matterhorn (okay, five minutes)...enough of a line to get this:

Nice manicure though, don'tcha think? They're my Bismarck nails. It's important. Trust me. And the second pic is a little blurry b/c I had to do a night shot, while not blocking riders getting off, while not slowing the line down too much (I didn't really want to hear "crazy knitter" spat at me), yada yada yada. It all equals "blurry picture".

The other piece of the weekend that I found deeply amusing, Ted and Terry have outdone themselves...or given La Disney a reason to outdo its...self? Johnny Depp/Cap'n Jack Sparrow is ALL OVER Pirates of the Carribean. Did I say "all over"--what I really meant is that the film has more or less consumed the entire ride. Not that it's a bad thing...it's not like they inserted him into the jail cell bit, but the pirate on the boat that's bombarding the fort looks and sounds more like Barbosa AND IS ASKING FOR SPARROW. Johnny's likeness him...its...self shows up three times. Very clever (not a bad likeness if you want to know...) and very very good for Ted and Terry. May they make millions more. They deserve it. Great guys. Great writers. They don't need me to tell them that.

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Ashley said...

While I agree that you can't beat the exhilaration of gliding at what feels like rocket speeds in a dark dome injected with futuristic lasers (well in the early 80's it was the future) or the enchanting 'aarrr' of drunk and disorderly pirates, fondling their women and providing such a lovely misogynistic model for the kiddies, I think Disney's tour de force is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. My car crash at 16, then again at 17, and my numerous speeding tickets prove that only Mr. Toad can teach your kids how to smash things up a bit, land a spot in jail, all while having fun.