Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bismarck, ND

First impressions:

WOW! Everyone's really REALLY nice!

WOW! It's not as flat as I it it's not.

WOW! It's WAY smaller than I thought and WAY more industrial!

WOW! The steak is really really good!

So, I got in on the same flight as my NYC compatriots--though we didn't figure that out until baggage claim--and rode the little Radisson shuttle in (piloted by Mike).

Checking in was like checking into a ghost town. Dunno if it was a Sunday or if the Radisson is in danger of going under, but...

They have all the pilots stay here, so I GUESS they're okay.

The other thing that's amazing is...they have Sleep Number Beds. Go figure! I'm in HEAVEN.

We had a lovely dinner where we were able to go over our presentation for tomorrow over dinner and wine (God Bless the interpretation of their Blue Laws) and shared dessert. It was a great time...and it's been a long time since I've had a work experience like this. A nice visit to the old days. And very, very good to see Rebecca who is our Professional Development Guru. She's (to quote Vera) a Rock Star.

So, unless disaster strikes, tomorrow should be fine. (I won't let myself get more effusive than that.)

Ah! I can hear the train rumbling by...

ND is a different world. Literally, the tundra was outside our plane windows. I had no idea...

I'm nearly finished with my Six Sox KAL sock (Springtime in Paris sock) which is a very nice place to be. Almost done with the gusset! Whoo hooo!

6:30am breakfast with Rebecca so I'm very very in need of sleep.

Until the morrow...

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