Monday, January 16, 2006

Spinning/Knitting update

I hope to be knitting some of these from homespun very soon. (From the Yahoo Townsend Socks KnitAlong Group)
Currently working on socks (left) for DS's (2 year old) birthday. Then another pair for the 5 year old who outgrew the other pair I made (using Queen Kahuna, peasant heel).

And here's some more homespun.

First the pics of the overtwisted plied yarn.

Then the balanced 2-ply.

This was my first time using "real" acid dye. I plied with a heathered grey as the acid dye color was rather shockingly bright. Not muted like the KoolAid. More like the Wilton dye job below...but more neon. I think part of the problem was that I didn't saturate the color as much as necessary. It seemed so dark in the dye bath. Lesson learned, though.

Now, of course, the real challenge, is to knit myself some socks a la the Twisted between all the other UFOs I have
socks for Mom
socks for Jan
socks for DS's
Map of the World Afghan
baby hats for charity
baby hat for Mandy
baby something for Lauren

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Anonymous said...

the world map afghan is the coolest project i've ever seen! would you be willing to share the pattern? that is so awesome! my email is