Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quick and Ugly Tensioned Kate

So, one of the ladies on one of my knitting/spinning blogs was asking for a quick and dirty tensioned Lazy Kate. I uploaded pics to the Yahoo group but they're hard to find so I'm putting them here. I call mine Ugly Kate, but she works just fine.

I used fishing line on a darning needle, dowels that would fit all my bobbins, paper "straws" on my drop spindles that would fit on the same dowels, a phillips screwdriver to punch holes for the dowels...and that was it.
See the Glory:


Fudge said...

Does the fishing line go around the bobbins? How does it tension the Kate?


Heather said...

I inserted the line a good half inch below the top of the drive-band groove, forcing the line to be taut over the grooves. It's a cheat, but a working cheat.
: D