Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fingerless Gloves

So i just made these gorgeous fingerless mittens for typing (go to Spindlicity and look up projects from their first issue. They're called "Del Mar"). And I made them in Cherry Tree Hill superwash sock yarn in Blues and Greens.


I am 5/8" and my hand is nearly 8" around. So I made the size medium/'s what I generally wear. But these are too big on me. I thought about adding a longer cuff, with a strip of elastic yarn through the wrist, then I thought I'd just trade them and make another pair that fit. So--first to tempt me, first to get.
I'll post that they're gone when they're gone.

I also have to brag about some spinning/dying.
The pale rainbow is Koolaid, superwash + 15% nylon for socks. The dark rainbow is Koolaid, Rit, superwash +15% mohair for socks. The green/blue is Wilton cake color, superwash + 15% mohair. I'm going to make some twisted sister socks. I started last night at 2am when I couldn't sleep.

Pretty twisted already.


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