Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So much for resolutions

So, I didn't post yesterday. I was in a writing frenzy, though. I actually had time to work on the novel and managed to get four more chapters in order (not perfect, but in the correct order and in a decent stage of completeness).

The thing that's surprised me so much about this process is that writing the first draft was easy. It's the revising that's really a killer. Going back and fine-tuning, and connecting dots you didn't see the first time around, and making sure characters sound like themselves rather than like me.


But a lot of work!

Plugging away at DH's xmas sock (the first one fit, yay!), a second Clapotis (Man, I love that pattern), sketching and painting, and prepping for my new class at the University.

All good. And cold out.
FINALLY it feels like it might be winter. Snow on the mountains. Just lovely.

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