Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

That was a holiday season.

This is, pretty literally, the first time I've had a chance to sit at the computer and do more than triage for over a month and a half. Thanksgiving, finals, Portland, surgery, Hanukkah, illnesses, Christmas, more illnesses/asthma crud, New Year's and...phew...

I finished the socks for my father (allelu) before Xmas actually occurred and this year, instead of promising to knit things for people, I knit one sock each for husband and sons with a note: Does It Fit?

Husband and Thing 1 socks fit perfectly, Thing 2 sock needs some lengthening. Kid socks are so easy and quick, I didn't even use a pattern--yippee! So, battling Second Sock Syndrome easily since I had options and some lag time between the first sock and the final, I managed to knock out Thing 1's companion sock in a couple of days (red-light-knitting...easy). Now nearly to the heel flap in husband's sock, then on to the reconstruction of Thing 2's.

I'm still paining, quite a bit more than usual. I found this great site via CraftyPod (love!). Don't bother looking at the site unless you have at least fifteen minutes. You'll just be frustrated. It's lovely. And provocative without being obnoxious. And smart. And funny.

All the things I want to be when I grow up.

So...resolutions, right? Okey dokey, in no particular order:

  • Get healthy (that would include being able to breathe as well as lost 30 lbs--and yes, it's that much. I'm tall. I hide it pretty well, but yes. Thirty pounds would be great).
  • Yay Wii! More Wii Yoga! Rah Rah Rah! (motivation is key they tell me)
  • Finish novel.
  • Blog daily (it's a goal).
  • Find gainful employment or sell lots of writing (how's that for useful?).
  • Continue with the painting thing.
  • In a different mode, paint kitchen
  • Continue to work on weaving (it's a process, I've got a pretty detailied and find-guage handtowel project I'm planning. But it frightens me...).
  • Play with boys lots.
  • Read lots more (currently listening to You Suck! Highly recommended! Christopher Moore=genius, Susan Bennet...she sounds the way I'd like to think I sound...)

And that's pretty good. That's a lot. That's ridiculous. I'll be lucky to get around to one of those things. So that's great. My polygamous goal-setting multi-crafting nature approves.

Thank goodness.



Joy said...

Hi Heather,
We caved and got the girls a Wii this year also. I thought we were the last people to get one.
I love listening to your podcast. Keeps me going during workouts.

Queentypo said...

You sound BETTER than Ms. Bennet. I just finished same book...loved it and the prequel!!