Thursday, April 10, 2008

The new baby



And that doesn't even touch on the weaving!

So, as you may have noticed, I disappeared. Between my Grandmother's funeral, work, and the Arizona Federation's Fibers Through Time conference, I was swamped.

The good news? I won the award for Best Entry by a New Fiber Artist. I'm a new weaver (having picked it up in the last year) so I was able to enter something I made as a "newbie"--and I WON for the white Huck Lace table runner I made.
Very very exciting.

And, my husband was there to see it. Very nice.

In between all of the nuttyness, I got some spinning time in with friend Lynn, got to hang with Enchanting Juno, fixed the pool and water heater (both twice), cleaned the garage out (or at least cleaned what I could until we get more shelves inside and out), and am nearly done pulling all the clothes I never wear to take to Twice as Nice (our local--wonderful--New To You chain).

So now I'm still swamped and losing my mind. Work, prepping for teaching here at Kiwi, prepping for teaching at SeaSocks 08, finishing all the goodie bag goodies for SeaSocks, podcasting, TRYing to finish all the million social obligation knitting pieces I've committed to, volunteering at my son's school (love that) and generally making a nuisance of myself at home.

But, you know, Poseidon's on TV and the boat's about to be swamped so I'm rethinking that whole SeaSocks thing. But hell, if RIchard Dreyfuss can pull himself back from the brink, I suppose I'll see my way through this, too.


Anonymous said...

What kind of wheel is that? Does it fold up? That might be one I could hid away in my tiny house...

RogueTess said...

You fiber-processing animal, you! What an awesome new toy. Please your comparisons of how similarly/ differently they spin/ weave/ satisfy.

Juno said...

Wait, where did the journey wheel come from? It's like MAGIC.

And congratulations on the win. Looks gorgeous.

Judith said...

It looks like you got over your orange juice carton weaving incident. Congrats, it's beautiful. I am SOOOOOO jealous.

Judith :)