Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Mind of the Warp

I'm noticing something quite wonderful about warping my loom. There's a meditative quality to winding the warp that I don't get from knitting or even spinning, which I think is odd. It's almost like Tai Chi. I didn't have this happen while I warped using a table, as much room as I could muster, a few weights and a two-liter bottle. There's something about standing in front of a warping board (thank you Lura and Jill) and having my cones on a hanging dowel for constant and untwisted warping; something about the smoothness of the winding; something about the movement of your arm (at or below shoulder height, thank you); something about the combination that is completely calming. It let my lizard brain take over and I realized I really need to make time to (a) exercize--like a normal person, not like a gym rat-- and (b) write more for me.

So here I am.

And now I'll go back to warping. 


RogueTess said...

I thought it was only me! Warping is actually my favorite part of weaving. Throwing the shuttle and watching a piece grow is of course wonderful, but there's something about warping.... Are you a front to back or back to front? I've tried both and can't really decide.

Jasmin said...

I'm glad to hear that *someone* likes warping. I'm going through a (slight) panic- I just bought a GIANT fireside loom, and Mom pointed out that to start weaving, one must warp the thing.