Thursday, November 08, 2007

O, That's ALL?

You Are 72% A Child of the 80s

Not only did you experience the 80s... you are practically an expert.
You should be totally stoked!

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~m. said...

i came out as 84 %. i was BORN in 78, so i grew through my early childhood in the 80's. usually when they do these things, they kinda require you to have been a teenager in the decade given.

does this indicate that i was a more "with-it" than normal 6-10 year old? i distinctly remember return of the Jedi, and i was ecstatic about it. (i was what, FIVE??)

than again, i have vivid, reliabe memories from age three, and i DO have memroies from around 20 months, though i didn't really have the words to remember correctly with, so things come out a bit skewed...

i think i was definitely a "with it" child (you used that term somewhere aroun episode 29?) and i'm really glad that i am familiar with a lot of with-it children, (like my baby sister, now in the last leg of her 16th year) and i'm able to let them know it's okay if you think the people in your class are .. just not getting it.

me, i find myself lamenting the loss of innocence that comes a long with understanding war and paying bills at 7 years old. *sigh*

the yarn, it comforts...

btw, i'm having an immmensely difficult time figuring how much/what weight/what needles to use with stuff. where do i find a user's guide for that?? i'm so lost..

and how much should i be expecting to pay for yarn of whatever kinds? the prices are SO varied, i don't kow what's okay, what's really really cheap, and what's OMG luxury expensve yarn... (some things seems to only come at 21 dollars a hank. and i don't know if that's normal, or if it's just internet inflation!)

and if i buy fiber, then, does 50 grams of woo, make 50 grams of yarn, or do you lose some?

jeez. i'm miss questions today. *laughs* and i'm sure i can find all this information strewn about somewhere. *sigh*

i had a dream where my best friend (who is now pregnant YAY! just found out!) was crrying her new-baby in a giant SOCK. i was wanting to knit her something baby-ish, and i didn't want to do a regualr baby blanket thing, and when i told her my dream, she totally flipped and INSISTED i knit her a giant sock in which to carry her baby.

even though i started knitting with the leaning toward knitting socks for myself (cause i LOVE crazy socks) i can't even knit a REGULAR sock yet, much less a giant one! and where the HECk can i find a pattern for a sock big enough to put a baby in?

can you help??

um. this is the longest comment ever. *blush* sorry..