Sunday, September 03, 2006


Time, place, and photos have all aligned to allow me to post.

My sister sits, blogging, next to me.

Ain't we the geek twins?

So what's new?

I'm in Tucson. I miss my husband and friends terribly. It's hot. I mean, HOT. And sadly, it's NOT a dry heat because there's a hurricane in Baja and the clouds are all up here.


(There's always a but, isn't there?)

I've got a new wheel,

(Majacraft Gem II, don'tcha know)
some roving I got from Toni at The Fold on my drive out here (roving that Thing One picked out--a little like this colorway, but more purples and yellows).

Spinning in Tucson is...well...honestly, it can be depressing, as I love spinning wool. But...sigh...I guess I'll make due. I imagine we'll be taking many trips up to colder climes for skiing.

Hell, maybe we can afford some skiing now that we'll be here.

The worst worst worst part, though, is being away from my husband. I simply can't get used to the ol' pueblo without him. After 11 years it's just wrong not to have him with me.

Ah well...soon...

  • I just finished a pair of socks for the baby (socks that rock, of course)
  • I am about to embark on socks for the older boy.
  • I'm still plodding along on socks for Andrew (Jeannie Townsend's Maple Leaf Pattern)
  • Not to mention the Faroese I want to finish, dye, and take to SOAR.
    Pics Pending.

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alliesw said...

Spinning in the heat seems like it might be even more of a challenge than knitting in the heat--but maybe it's what keeps us sane! Hope you all settle in soon!