Friday, December 30, 2005

American Flag-ish Chullo Hat

American Flag-ish Chullo Hat
I'm ecstatic! I found a printout of the missing chart!

I also have the American Flag chart!

I hope Flor doesn't mind...wherever she got to...

If you use the chart, realize that as you do the top-down increases, the chart is showing half of the hat...but not EXACTLY half. There are four gores, eight stitches...but the chart is showing you FIVE stitches. If you don't "see" what you're doing clearly (and put stitch markers on your needles and mark their placement on the page) you'll wind up frogging a bit.

But, MAN it's a great hat. Knit one up in an hour and a half for my son. Pic to follow.

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