Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Love This Restaurant

The Bistro.
I'm going to take Amy there this Saturday.
My sister's going to be married in the garden here and fed by Chris.

The food is "conversational". I've never ordered a "regular" entree there. Instead, whoever I happen to be there with, we order patatas bravas, empanaditas, samosas, beef wellington, baked camembert en croute with apples and honeyed get the idea. And we share. With brilliant wine pairings (I never pick, I let them do it) and Patron XX liqueur and decaf at the end, no meal there has ever been a disappointment.



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Elizabeth said...

I had my wedding reception there three years ago, when they were just starting to plan the Bistro. We loved it because they let us bring in our own food, but it sounds like we missed out!